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The idea of creating a dynamic radiology anatomy exam question resource came after hearing junior radiology colleagues expressing comments such as:

"I have no clue how to study for the anatomy exam"

"There are just too many, very wordy anatomy text books"

"How do I find the best anatomy quiz site which mimics the exam"

Studying for anatomy can be daunting, especially when a number of us come from various backgrounds prior to starting radiology. So finding the motivation revisiting old anatomy notes and reference textbooks is next to impossible.

For that reason a team of consultant radiologists in the United Kingdom were recruited to develop unique, realistic anatomy questions. With the aim to represent the FRCR examination style of questioning, our learning material have been carefully double read to ensure that you are only viewing the highest quality. 

We are not affiliated or owned by the Royal College of Radiologists and we do not have any direct knowledge of the actual exam content (apart from just having sat the exams ourselves in the past). We do not use any material directly recreated from previous FRCR examinations, which is copyrighted by the Royal College of Radiologists. 

We do believe that we can reliably recall the level of complexity of questions you are required to practice in order to master this exam. Trust in us, we know the stress involved - especially when coupled with a tough Physics Exam!


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